Kinda want to put a BBQ + coolbox onto a cheap tricycle or a bike trailer.

Please convince me not to.


Sugar is built for children & should work for tablets, but I'm not sure about the web browsing situation.

Why are bike so cool? Boost plz 

@jack So many cool types of bikes for every situation. And affordable(ish). Besides the basic upright bicycle you have:

Tandem bikes
Cargo bikes
Folding bikes
Recumbent bikes
Penny Farthings
Electric bikes

And most of the [adjective] bike categories are mix and match. Recumbent tandem. Electric handcycle. Folding tricycle.

@extinct The only molecular gastronomy supplier I know of in my country doesn't sell MSG, only "vegetable based replacement for MSG".

Either it's a chemophobic molecular gastronomy supplier, or it's racist.

Installing gentoo... Is this a sign I have a healthy amount of free time, or that my mind has irrevocably cursed?

tech/programming question 

@athairbirb Flutter is a tool a bit like a programming language, for making the UI of apps (the bit you see).

Just based on what you said, it's ambiguous as to whether the tool is slow, or the UI it makes, and therefore the app. (I don't know which, I don't know much about flutter).

@polychrome @ocean modern hardware has its quirks and personality as well, but also enough compute to throw away to cover it all up.

@meena There should be gym railcars so you can train on the train.

@anarchistbicycleclub Those are collateral damage. The real target (at least in the UK) has always been the public purse.

Buses have a certain charm to them that I just love. Are trains faster and more comfortable? Sure, but they're not buses.

@emmy Doesn't steam allow game streaming over local networks? I know it does linux->linux

@sneak @meena Secondly, and this is the real point that I was making, is that you can have a very real issue with a wider topic, and at the same time have a particular issue with how it impacts you personally.

@sneak @meena I completely disagree on two points you're making here

- First, the problem of cryptocurrencies is not that they are merely wasteful. Most CC systems require the destruction of something (storage, energy, etc.) in order to "create" wealth. In a system that demands the growth of wealth, this means throwing away an ever increasing amount of resources, which is unsustainable regardless of whether or not what we do currently can be sustainable.

@sneak @meena If you're a pacifist, complain about war in general, not that XYZ military just bombed your street.

@anarchistbicycleclub Also, I find rail is much more peaceful - yes, it's usually louder, but unlike what many think, the fact that it's so infrequent is absolutely a boon.

@drwho So, there are kaihl chic switches which are "low profile", but assembled you're looking at at least 10mm depth.

organic chemistry / hormones / quesiton 

@polymerwitch if you're US based, this has the advantage that GMOs are regulated only as consumer products, not as drugs.

organic chemistry / hormones / quesiton 

@polymerwitch Have you considered going the GM yeast route? Genetic modification can be done in a community lab, and the yeast can then be grown in a kitchen.

@tindall presumably, looking at what violence has in common with fishing mini games would help in determining what's important.


@djsundog root for the lawyers, they may as well get a good payday from this.

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