Updated my phone to android 12.

Glad whoever designs the volume sliders finally realised they're designing for touchscreen

Kinda want to put a BBQ + coolbox onto a cheap tricycle or a bike trailer.

Please convince me not to.

Installing gentoo... Is this a sign I have a healthy amount of free time, or that my mind has irrevocably cursed?

Buses have a certain charm to them that I just love. Are trains faster and more comfortable? Sure, but they're not buses.

Is it just going to be the nature of the internet that periodically someone reinvents the million dollar homepage?

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The Good Law Project's taking action against NHS England re the execrable waiting times for trans care. If you'd like to donate:


Alcohol adjacent 

I don't drink, but I tried a (low alcohol) beer, and I didn't expect it to be so bready?


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